#5Days Challenge

The #5Days Challenge is a social media challenge in which nominees email their state lawmakers once a day for five days about issues in the five Meet the Momentum policy areas.

How does it work?

Day 1 (the day you're nominated)

​Search for your state on this website. Read about Demilitarization policy in your state. Email your state lawmakers about one Demilitarization issue.

Day 2

Nominate five friends to do the #5Days Challenge, too. Use the Instagram story template above to nominate friends on Instagram or use Facebook, email, or phone calls (or a combination).

​Then, read about For Profit Policing policy in your state. Email your state lawmakers about one For Profit Policing issue.

Day 3-5

​Read about the remaining three policy areas in your state. Email your state lawmakers about one issue from each remaining policy area.

#5Days Challenge template, with spaces to nominate, upload an image of an email screenshot, and a list of policy areas

Do I have to be nominated to do the #5Days Challenge?

Nope! Start any time you want.

If Instagram is spotlighting a state that isn't mine, can I still do the #5Days Challenge?

Yes! The spotlights are a fun way to learn about any state, but shouldn't stop you from emailing about your own whenever you're nominated or just whenever you want.

What if I want to email about more than one issue in a policy area?

You can send as many emails as you want BUT your requests will likely be better received if you don't ask for too many things at once. You could wait and ask about another issue later, or ask about two issues from one policy area and none from another.

When exactly do I nominate people?

Nominate 5 people on the SECOND day. That's the day AFTER you're nominated and the day you read and email about For Profit Policing. If everyone nominated people the same day they were nominated, the challenge would fizzle out quickly.

Do I have to nominate people in my Instagram story?

No. The whole goal of the #5Days Challenge is to spread the word. If you prefer to do that on another platform, or by email or phone, that works just as well!

​Next Steps

No matter what, register to vote:

Contacting officials is just one piece of the puzzle we can't stop there. We need to make sure our elected officials reflect our values and support reform at every level of government. Register here: 


To keep these policies at the forefront:

Keep emailing about them (if you just finished the 5 Days Challenge, keep up the schedule—set reminders in your phone to email about each issue on its specific day).

To ask for more than this:

Use our templates as a model to ask for bigger changes. The Movement for Black Lives and The Color of Change both have specific policy related to a reimagined law enforcement system. If you think there are additional policies we ought to consider, send your thoughts our way.​​

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